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ChatGPT eats children

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

By Tremont Poole

Ok thats not true but now that I have your attention here is an introduction to the latest AI. -Cliff Notes

ChatGPT is an offshoot of InstructGPT which is built off GPT3. InstructGPT (GPT-3) models are instructed with humans as part of the process. ChatGPT takes the more conversational approach that makes this such a potentially compelling tool. It is able to conform to a question and answer format.

At its core it is a language model which has been created by OpenAI. The text models used in this application are in essence advanced language processing tools that have the ability to generate, group and gather text in a highly accurate manner.

As a result the output has the same cadence as that which would be presented by a human. This makes it a very interesting application in that it allows for a non human entity to give the same or similar output as an expert in that field.

It will be very interesting to see where this goes as there are those who say it has dangerous implications. Conversely there are those that view this as a positive and a potential game changer.

Time will tell however feel free check it out for yourself free of charge @


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